Thought Leadership Marketing Frameworks & Fundamentals

Posted on by Dana VanDen Heuvel

Every market space has it’s intellectual pioneers who’ve gone before us and put lines in the sand with their “12 steps” or “6 critical components” or whatever magic number of special elements we need to have to manifest perfection in whatever it is that they’re schlepping.  I’d like to think that thought leadership marketing is different, but alas, I’ve rounded up the leading viewpoints of a few luminaries and resources to see how they all check out.  We’ll dive deeper into these in the coming days, but what I’m really looking for is: Are there other ways, frameworks or schema that have been been applied to explaining thought leadership or thought leadership marketing that aren’t on here?  Drop a comment if you have someone or another organization with their own point of view on the essential elements or thought leadership.

 Thought Leadership Marketing Frameworks & Fundamentals

Thought Leadership Marketing - Different POV

One thing to remember is that we’re not talking about the ‘technology’ or channel elements of thought leadership marketing.  Brian Carroll built a toolkit, like the one in the map below, some years ago – we’re not talking on the level of tools, I’m looking for more fundamental “elements of thought leadership” stuff…

 Thought Leadership Marketing Frameworks & Fundamentals

Thought Leadership Marketing Toolkit

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  • Todd Lohenry

    Still an awesome post even today. You are missing the ‘e1evation workflow’, but it didn’t exist when you wrote this…

  • Nancy Sharma


    I am an intern working on thought leadership marketing. Your website is very resourceful!
    Specially the mindmaps and tought leadership marketing toolkits..

    thank you!