An Overview of the Marketing Ideas You Deleted When Things Were Just Too Hectic ;-)

Posted on by Dana VanDen Heuvel

Instead of ambushing you with yet another great marketing idea to ponder from the Monday Marketing Moxie this week, we decided to make life easier for all of us and send you an overview of just a few of the idea we’ve covered so far in 2010. And yes, that includes the ones you deleted from your inbox when things were just too crazy.

Feb 15 | Help Your Customers “Do Their Job”
Think about each client or customer that you encounter and ask “what job am I here to help them do?” Then get down to helping them do that. I’ll be you that you’re the only one thinking this way and really looking out for them.

June 21 | Random Acts of Social Media
Captivated by the hype and the ease of implementing social sites, many marketers initially ignored proven marketing principles. Instead of developing a strategy to guide them, they launched their social media initiatives by creating blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts without a plan or a purpose.

Feb 22 | Distinction is in the Details
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create small, solid points of distinction that are recognizable and important from the customers’ perspective…because customers perceive that different is better. What are you doing today to be genuinely distinct in your business?

July 5 | Fewer Choices Lead to More Sales
The point here is to think about the default choices that people can make when purchasing your products or services (or donating to your cause). Do you make it easy for them? What is your default? Do you even have one?

January 25 | The Practice of Marketing
Take stock of your practice of marketing today. Deepen your engagement in your craft, seek feedback, reinforce your good habits and learn new ones (and then repeat the process all over again!)

Don’t recall these, or any other ideas? Well, check out the archives to refresh your memory!

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