Millennials Are Not a Market Segment

Posted on by Dana VanDen Heuvel

In marketing we have a tendency generalize age groups and other demographics, even though we often know better than to categorize people into such arbitrary and largely meaningless groups.  That said, it is useful when we look at the sheer mass of people in the ‘under 45’ segment of the population (thanks to the folks at the Millennial Marketing blog for this awesome chart base on Census data) to think of how we interact with this up and coming audience.

During the past several days spent at the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) conference in San Antonio, I talked with dozens of PR professionals from school districts around the country (and even some from Europe) and was confounded by the number of organizations that still aren’t taking social and digital media seriously, even though we know that our behavior insofar as marketing and media consumption are concerned is shifting toward a heavily digital world. 

That said, I encourage not to simply see the Millennial and Gen X demographic as a vast digital hunting ground any more than you would classify boomers or retirees as a segment. Their wants, desires, motivations and other psychographic factors that are divergent far outweigh their similarities.

Think beyond the hype of the ‘digital generation’ or digital natives (as many of us are simply digital immigrants) and look more closely at the personas and behavioral profiles of your audience if you really want to reach them on their level, on their terms and in their media.

Generations Defined5 Millennials are Not a Market Segment

If you’re looking for some real fun, take the “How Millennial Are You?” quiz over at Pew Research!  (I got an 81)

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