Radio Free [Your Business]

Posted on by Dana VanDen Heuvel

radio show 1 Radio Free [Your Business]

How much time to you spend listening to the radio every day? Minutes, hours, the whole day? Guess what, your potential customers are doing the same, and that’s one behavior that’s not diminished as a result of the economic downturn.

A New Platform for Thought Leadership

Stefanos Loisou, a financial planner that conducts personal finance workshops, hosts and produces a live, weekly financial radio program. This enables Stefanos to establish credibility and position himself as a relable financial resource in his community. He also uses the radio show as a platform to advertise his financial workshops. By offering his expertise on the radio, he’s created a forum for people to ask questions and for listeners to call and arrange for individual consultations.

Action Summary

Often times small business owners and and marketers who are not familiar with a particular type of media tend to shy away from it out of fear of the unknown. Take a few minutes today to contact your favorite radio station about being a guest, pitching them on a show idea or for advertising rates. You never know the power of radio until you try it!

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