10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to You

Posted on by Dana VanDen Heuvel

MonitorYourStats 300x211 10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to YouWe live in the age of information. With a simple Google search we have access to just about anything we could ever want to know. We’re bombarded with information every time we log onto Facebook or check our Twitter feeds. With all this information floating around in cyber space, shouldn’t we all be geniuses by now? You’d think so, but actually the value of all this information is not truly realized unless you know what to make of it or how to put it to good use.

Well today is your lucky day, because I’m going to take the work out of information gathering for you. There are millions of statistics out there about social media usage, but they mean nothing to us if we can’t translate these statistics into practical terms. Therefore, I present to you 10 of my favorite social media usage statistics, with an in-depth look at what these stats mean to you as a marketer.

1. Over 80% of Americans use Social Media

Of that 80% of the population using social media, 50% are connected to brands on social media. This tells me that any business should be able to reach their target market using social media. Some social networks are better for certain subsets of the population than others, but that just means you need to figure out which networks your target market is a part of and gravitate towards those networks.

2. 64% of Brand Followers on Twitter are More Likely to Buy From That Brand 

Twitterloyalty 10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to You

Furthermore, 60% of brand followers on Twitter are more likely to recommend athat brand to a friend. After all, this is the  Recommendation Generation, why not do what you can to capitalize on it?

3. Facebook is the Most Popular Social Network

If you wonder why the majority of my social media-related blog posts are either centered around or at least mention Facebook, it’s because of this very statistic. If you choose to incorporate only one social network into your marketing strategy, make it Facebook out of sheer market size. Not only is Facebook extremely popular among users, but the users who are involved are actively involved. 50% of users log in daily, according to Facebook.

4. 71% of Companies are Already on Facebook

Socialmediausage 10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to You

This statistic is a bit of a double edged sward. It’s great to see that so many companies have jumped on board with Facebook (after all, how can 71% of companies be wrong?). However, this does make for a pretty crowded platform from which to project your message. Try adding one of the less populated social networks to the mix, like YouTube. A mere 33% of businesses participate in YouTube; however, it’s effectiveness speaks for itself.

5. 1 in 4 Americans Watch a YouTube Video Every Day

YouTubeusage 10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to YouVideos are an extremely effective way to share information online. 25% of Americans are already watching YouTube videos every day, why not take advantage of that captive audience by uploading your own videos. Share them with your Facebook followers for an even broader reach.

6. 60%  of People Don’t Want to Join Another Social Network

To be honest, I’m surprised this percentage isn’t higher. It seems to me that people tend to get comfortable with what they know, so when something new comes along, even if it is better, there is going to be some opposition towards it. For example, Facebook can’t make the slightest change to their interface without inciting a violent backlash from their users. Therefore, before you invest your time on the latest and greatest social network, do some research as to the type of people using the network.

7. Brands That Post Daily Reach 22% of their Fans

How often do you update your Facebook status? A lot of people assume that when they update their status, it’s viewed by all of their fans, but several factors prevent that from happening. For starters, not all Facebook users see every post that enters into their news feed. We know that not everyone logs on to Facebook every day, and even those who do might not take the time to go through every single update from the day. Secondly, Facebook’s EdgeRank could determine that your post isn’t important enough to appear in certain peoples’ news feeds at all. To increase your reach, post more frequently and encourage people to share your updates.

8. 44% of SMB Decision Makers Use Social Media

This stat is for those B2B social media skeptics out there. This just goes to show you that you can connect with your target market on social networks. Which specific networks are being used could vary by industry, but the fact that nearly half of the business people you’re trying to reach can be found on social networks goes to show you that social media has a place in a B2B marketing plan.

9. 59% of Small Businesses Receive Website Traffic from Facebook

SMB SM achievements 10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to YouSocial media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. As the table suggests, Facebook is the biggest source of traffic to business websites, followed closely by LinkedIn. Tracking sales leads from social media is a little more challenging, but the data shows that 42% of small businesses have received sales leads through Facebook.

10. The Majority of Social Media Users are Between the Ages of 23 and 35

SMstats by age 10 Social Media Usage Stats and What They Mean to You

I think the more important thing to note with this graph is the trend in usage since 2008. Usage is less concentrated in the younger age range, and more prevalent amongst older people. That’s great news for businesses trying to market towards older people.

Due to the rapid growth and changing environment of social networks, statistics and data are always changing with respect to social media usage. It’s always a good idea to stay informed about the trends happening in the networks you participate in, and those you don’t, so that you can adjust and modify your strategy accordingly.

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