5 Tips for Implementing Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Posted on by Dana VanDen Heuvel

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I recently wrote a blog post about the increasing importance of mobile marketing and some of the benefits mobile marketing provides for businesses. By now you’ve probably had a chance to let all that information sink in, and I’m sure you’re just dying to get started with your mobile marketing campaign. Well, today’s your lucky day because I’ve outlined the steps to take and included a few tips to make sure your mobile marketing plan is implemented flawlessly. Here are 5 tips for starting your own mobile marketing campaign.

1. Follow the Opt-In Rules

Just as there are rules to follow with social media marketing and e-mail marketing, mobile marketing has its own set of guidelines that businesses must follow in order to stay compliant. So before you dive into your customer contact database and start texting, make sure you follow the proper opt-in procedures.

There are a few different ways to go about creating opt-in procedures for your customers, and Social Media Examiner does a great job explaining those methods. A very common form of customer opt-in is to ask people to text a keyword to a designated phone number. By doing so, they essentially give you permission to include them in your mobile marketing campaign. One of the more up-and-coming forms of mobile marketing opt-in is the QR code. Which leads me to my next tip…

2. Educate Customers About the QR Code

I bet if you took a poll of your customers, most of them would claim to have heard of the QR code, but if you were to ask how many know the purpose of the QR code or what to do with it, the percentage would fall drastically. The purpose of the QR code seems to remain a bit hazy for the general public at this point, resulting in a waste of perfectly capable technology. If you’re going to make use of the QR code in your mobile marketing campaign, be sure to explain to your customers why it’s plastered all over your marketing materials and what they need to do in order to take advantage of it.

3. Incorporate Mobile Marketing in with Social Media Marketing

If you happened to catch any of the commercials during the Super Bowl, I bet you noticed a lot of commercials flashed a Twitter hashtag (#keyword) on the screen to conclude the commercial. This is their way of incorporating (effectively or not)social media in with their traditional marketing campaign.

You can achieve synergistic results if you can find a creative way to tie your mobile marketing campaign in with your social media marketing campaign. For example, you could ask customers to scan your QR code to receive a discount on their next purchase. When customers scan the code, you could direct them to your Facebook Page, where they must Like your page to receive the coupon. By scanning the QR code, they are effectively opting in to your mobile marketing campaign, and you gain a new Facebook fan in the process.

4. Exercise Principles of Scarcity

I recommend that you take it easy with the SMS marketing (AKA text message marketing) for a couple of reasons. First of all, you don’t want to bombard customers with text messages, just as you don’t want to clog up their Twitter feeds, for fear of losing subscribers. Secondly, scarcity adds an element of perceived value. If your customers get a text every day with a 1-day-only coupon code, there’s no reason to use it today when they can always use the coupon in tomorrow’s text. Whereas if you only send a text with a coupon once or twice a month, customers will feel more compelled to use them because the next one won’t come back around for a while.

5. Integrate with Location-Based Marketing

Part of what makes mobile marketing such a valuable tool is its ability to provide customers with “just-in-time” information. You can do this more effectively by syncing your mobile marketing with location-based marketing. For example, if you have your business registered on Foursquare, you can reward those customers for checking in with a text message coupon. Although you can provide these types of rewards within the context of Foursquare itself, by combining the two different marketing platforms, you have a better chance of getting that customer involved with your mobile marketing campaign.

People don’t go anywhere without their phones anymore. That’s why it’s so important to meet people in their medium, and be present in the context that matters most to your customers. What are some creative ways you are seeing mobile marketing used lately?

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