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Thank you to everyone who attended the NSPRA Conference presentations on Social Media. I hope that you all enjoyed the presentations and conversations!

Social Media Boot Camp

Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds…so many social media tools out there to provide information in ways that your audience finds fast and convenient. School Districts, both public and private are using these free tools to not only get out their unique messages, but also to listen to the pulse of their communities, making the process truly a two-way communication avenue. This introductory session explains why you do not want to be left behind and how to start using social media to communicate and listen. Learn how other districts are effectively using these tools.

You Will Learn

  • What social media is all about, the vocabulary and the concepts that make it such a unique form of marketing and communications
  • How to get started on a social media policy for your district, even if you are not going to fully engage in social media
  • Best practices for how to get started in social media once you’re ready
  • Useful ideas from several case studies of school districts that have been successful with social media
  • How to “listen in” on the social media conversation to learn what’s being said about your district on the social web?

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NSPRA Social Media FULL DAY workshop 7 NSPRA Social Media Presentations

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NSPRA Social Media FULL DAY workshop 7.10.11 NSPRA Social Media Presentations

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NSPRA ABCs of Social Media NSPRA Social Media Presentations


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Downloads and Resources

You may also enjoy some of the e-books and whitepapers that we have on social media and Internet marketing. Please feel free to download and share.

Marketech: The Guide to Emerging Marketing Technology and Social Media

marketech2001 NSPRA Social Media PresentationsMarketing is a comprehensive 90-page guide to marketing technology to help you navigate the practical, useful and marketing-friendly technology tools like blogs, e-mail, widgets and video. You’ll find comprehensive chapters on the topics below, an expanded list of resources and the most comprehensive social media and marketing technology glossary that you’ll find in any e-book of it’s kind! Marketech covers the most current social media marketing topics like Social Media Mining, Buzz Monitoring, Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn and more!

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Social Media Strategy Workbook: The 12-Step Guide to Creating Your Social Media Strategy

StrategyWorkbookCover 600 231x300 NSPRA Social Media PresentationsHave you created a written social media strategy yet? Do you know where to start? What’s first, what’s next? Ready to figure out what social media means for you and your own organization? This Social Media Planning Workbook will help you to define your goals and audiences, choose the channels that make the most sense for you and to brainstorm up a host of social media tactics that will take your social media presence to the next level. Based on those decisions, the guide will help you think through what you’re actually going to do, how much time it will take, and what your social engagement policies should look like.

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Practical Social Media Tools

70socialmediatoolsebook NSPRA Social Media PresentationsOver 70 tools you can use today to take your social media program to new heights. The Social Media Tools Guide is a comprehensive list of social media marketing tools that we recommend for organizations considering social media management responsibilities. Some tools overlap (such as WordPress and MovableType) but their inclusion here is meant to provide you with a set of options to evaluate for your own implementation needs. There are hundreds of social media tools that you can use in each category outlined in the guide. You will also find a section with links to more information.

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